Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DropletHouse ada barang baru

Semalam aku ada keluar jumpa dengan pemilik DropletHouse..sembang-sembang pasal perkembangan contest dan diorang ada barang baru, perfume..dari Smart Collection

Aku difahamkan perfume tu dari Dubai dan tidak mengandungi ester atau bahasa mudah yang kita dok kata takda alkohol..memang pati semata-mata..jadi, dia punya kewangian tu memang semerbak dan tahan lama..diorang tunjuk contoh, diorang sembur kat tangan pagi, malam still bleh bau lagi walaupun dah dicuci..

Ni aku copy dari DropletHouse punya facebook:

PRE-ORDER starts 6 June 2011 - 18 June 2011Each perfume RM40 with FREE POSTAGE t...o WHOLE MALAYSIA!!

We bring you perfumes from Dubai

What perfumes are they?
These are EDP perfume concentrated with the smell of real commercial perfumes. They are imitation perfumes, products from Smart Collections of Dubai. Mind you that these are products of Smart Collections, so they are NOT FAKE PRODUCTS, but they have accurate scents of real commercial perfumes.
For example, we have concentrations with the accurate smell of DKNY Be Delicious. In my honest opinion, since I've tested and currently using DKNY Be Delicious, it does smell the same as the real one.

They are just the perfect thing if you're under budget or you just love to collect various scents for your everyday use! Very handy to put in your handbags~

What is difference between EDP and EDT perfumes?
EDP is Eau de Parfum, and EDT is Eau de Toilette. These are levels of concentration of perfumes. EDP has more concentration than EDT, which means it last longer because it has more perfume oil in it. It is also more quality than the EDT.

Personal Experience:
I've used DKNY Be Delicious for a few months now. These are the facts in my opinion:
- Can last from morning till evening
- Very handy because of the small cute spray bottle
- Has very very similar scent to the real ones
- 15ml, I still haven't finish mine almost 2 months already, so I think its a very bargain
- Can become a perfect gift!!

Why Pre-Order:
Because we're promoting our first batch, so that we can do promo price of RM40 with FREE POSTAGE TO WHOLE MALAYSIA!

What products we have?:

★ Eternity Moment
★ Flower by Kenzo
★ Chance Chanel
★ Lacoste Touch of Pink
★ Hugo Boss
★ Chanel No5
★ Clinique Happy
★ DKNY Be Delicious
★ Burberry The Beat
★ Dior Addict

★ Coco Mademoisselle
★ Gucci Envy Me
★ Chance Chanel
★ Burberry Weekend
★ Burberry Brit Red
★ 212 Sexy Women
★ Issey Miyaki
★ Tommy Girl
★ Ralph Lauren
★ Amor Amor

and more! Ask for your favourite brand and we'll get it from our supplier
Contoh perfume yang popular:

nak tgk lagi bleh KLIK SINI

Sekarang ni tengah pre-order, sesapa yang bermiat bleh la menyinggah ke page DropletHouse

Yang best untuk korang terutama peserta contest atau penggemar join contest..Insyallah, abis ja contest aku 19 Jun ni, maybe selepas tu contest lain pula akan menyusul, aku tengah usahakan bagi DropletHouse sponsor perfume ni pulak untuk hadiah korang...aku tak janji, tapi aku akan usahakan..tengok gaya macam bleh je..


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